8th Grade Argumentative Essay Topics On Weapon Possession

Gun control is a challenge that has rocked the country for a very long time. There are those who view this as a necessary evil, while at the same time there are those who have challenged the core of this law. In 8th grade you can be asked to write a good argumentative piece on weapon possession, and it will be important for you to make sure that you know what to do in order to present one of the best papers you have ever written so far.

Ideally, writing a really good paper is easy, especially when it comes to contentious issues like weapon possession. There are so many discussion angles from where you can tackle this issue, so all you need to do is to make up your choice and then from there, everything else will be good to go.

The following are a number of essay topics on weapon possession that you need to consider. They will all need some research if you are to be in a good position to address them appropriately, and to make sure that you are able to present a very good paper:

  • Based on the second amendment, is it important to amend this law with respect to the number of deaths that have occurred from improper use of weapons?
  • Discuss the benefits of a motion on gun control, with respect to the fact that guns are helpful in protecting more than just criminals
  • Explain why gun control is considered a contentious issue in the country, even with all the killings that have gone on in the past
  • Discuss how the enforcement of the second amendment has brought about enmity between the local population and the law enforcement officers
  • Are police biased in their treatment of cases involving gun control, based on the current fiasco in the treatment of the black community?
  • Discuss the progress that has been made in as far as gun control is concerned, since the shooting spree in California In your opinion, discuss whether stricter laws on gun control would have been able to prevent some of the gun shooting tragedies that we have witnessed over the years
  • When it comes to addressing the issues around shooting tragedies, there are critics that have mentioned in the past that gun control is not and will never be the answer to preventing such. Assuming that you agree with them, propose probably alternatives of preventing some of these issues.

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