The Titanic is known as the ugliest maritime accident that has ever been experienced in the world. Those who have watched the Titanic movie can have a picture of what I am talking about. That movie is just a work of fiction and is not even close to the real thing that happened on 14th April 1912. The ill fated ship was sunk by an ice berg going down with over 1500 people to the bottom of North Atlantic Ocean. The Titanic movie that was written and co-edited co-produced and directed by James Cameron. It enjoyed a lot of viewership when it was produced in the 1997 and was a big hit in the commercial industry. It was good success and is remembered for the clinching eleven academy awards and three Grammys.

Is the Titanic Haunted?

This is was a tragic accident and many questions are asked related to how it sunk. After its sinking many stories surrounding it, circulated all over the world. Even to today there are many things that are hard to explain that are said about the Titanic Exhibit. Georgia Museum houses the remains of the ship and travels from city to city giving people a chance to see the remains of the doomed ship. Stories about the Titanic Exhibit being haunted are so common. Those people who have had a chance to visit the exhibit say that there is an unknown fear that engulfs a person once in the exhibit. While this may be natural, especially if you it is an exhibit that is related to the loss of so many lives like the Titanic is, it still leaves many wondering if indeed the Titanic Ship was haunted or jinxed. It is believed that some of the artifacts in the exhibit were left with some supernatural potential and thus the unexplained cause of fear in the exhibit.

Volunteers in the Exhibit

Those people who have volunteered in the exhibit say that they fell accompanied once in the exhibit. They hear footsteps of people walking around and voices of people talking. To others it is worse as they will have a feeling of that they are being watched once they are close to some artifacts. Some credit has been given to these claims and the main question is how many of these ghosts could be in the exhibit? This is a crazy one and many people claim that they could be as many as the number of people that died in the wreckage.


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