Rhetoric Analysis Essay Topics: 13 Suggestions For Students

For many students, writing a rhetoric analysis essay is a daunting task. On the other hand, choosing a topic for a rhetoric analysis is even more challenging. However, if you can understand what a rhetoric analysis means, you will find that there are numerous topics to choose from. Moreover, you will realize that a rhetoric analysis provides you with an opportunity to sharpen your critical thinking skills.

A rhetoric analysis essay involves evaluating an article, several articles, or some other literary work. Before you can begin your analysis, you first need to identify the purpose and strategies used by the author to prove his points. It is important to understand that a rhetoric analysis is not merely a summation of another person’s work. Instead, it is requires you to identify the author’s argument, the way the argument is presented, the main purpose of writing, the target audience, and if the author succeeded in his/her persuasive tactics. Here is a list of some intriguing rhetoric analysis essay topics to consider.

  1. Analyze the rhetorical tactics used by President Lincoln in his second inaugural address.
  2. Write a rhetorical analysis about the methods Alfred M. Green uses in his April 1861 speech in Philadelphia to persuade African Americans to enlist in the union army.
  3. Analyze the rhetorical strategies used by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in his Pearl Harbor speech
  4. Analyze the rhetorical tactics used by President George W Bush’s in his “Mission Accomplished” speech.
  5. Write a rhetoric analysis of J.F. Kennedy’s speech in 1963 in West Berlin.
  6. Write a rhetoric analysis of President Barrack Obama’s inaugural speech.
  7. Analyze one of Edgar Allen Poe’s short stories and write a rhetoric analysis on it.
  8. Analyze the rhetoric strategies used by Martin Luther King Jr. in his speech -“I have been to the Mountain Top”.
  9. What are the rhetoric strategies Jonathan Edward employs in his famous sermon titled “Sinners in the hands of an angry God?”
  10. Analyze the rhetoric strategies that 18th century writer Lord Chesterfield uses to reveal his values in a letter he wrote to his son who was planning to travel far from his home.
  11. Analyze the rhetoric strategies Jennifer Price uses to reveal her views about U.S culture in her recent essay titles “The Plastic Pink Flamingo: A Natural History.”
  12. Write a rhetoric analysis on Richard Nixon’s speech- “I am not a Crook”.
  13. Write a rhetoric analysis of Abraham Lincoln’s article titled “Emancipation Proclamation”.

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