Are Media Events Getting More Social Media Based/Affected in 2014?

Social media is driving media events. Social media is any online platform hat allows postings, photographs, and sharing. There is social media on the go such as Twitter, social media for photos, and social media for reconnecting. Special interest groups have set up different social media platforms for their interests and you can even find a job via social media these days. It does drive our news and media events. Sometimes this affect is for the better and sometimes it is not such a good thing.

When social media can raise money for a sick person, inform the community of a lost dog, and praise someone who has done a good deed, it is a good thing. Even in light of tragic events in France, the world was able to see the marches of peace. The world was also getting informed on the details of the events through social media. This education, enlightenment, and awareness of media events through social media can be a very good thing. However, there can be times that the impact of media events begin driven by social media can be bad.

In the case of certain racial cases of late, the media has tried the victims as well as the police officers before the judicial system has touched the case. A reporter’s words or a journalist’s tone can impact or even change the story. If a reporter’s passion or lack of knowledge ends up distorting a story, then social media has had an impact in the negative way. Also, when certain graphic violence is shown on social media just to shock people with no further positive goals, then this can also be a bad consequence. The instant delivery of social media does not allow for much error or taking back of information. Those posting controversial things on social media need to be aware of the negative consequences that could possibly occur.

Media events are getting more social media based and affected. This has to do with the instant postings, the immediate responses, and the set-up of social media platforms. If the media is used carefully and responsibly, this impact can be positive, but when social media is used in the wrong manner then social media can harm. The bottom line is that media events are getting more social media based as each day passes.


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