How to Get a Custom Essay from a Native Speaker?

Getting a native English speaker as your writer is especially important when your purchase an essay. An ESL person can do a great research paper for you, but in essay writing excellent language, flow, and style are even more important than knowledge and research skills. It would be unfair to say that perfect written English is a prerogative of native speakers only, but ESL writers who boast it are extremely rare.

However, many custom writing companies prefer to hire ESLs from third-world countries to cut their costs. Even if a website claims to hire only native English speakers, it does not guarantee anything. Learn other ways to make sure that your writer’s mother tongue is English.

  • Read the texts on the website.
  • An easy way to test a claim about “native speakers only” is to look at how well the website itself is written. If there are odd word choices or unnatural sentence constructions, these texts have probably been written by ESLs or very poor native writers.

  • Compare prices.
  • Custom writing by native English speakers is generally more expensive. Professional writers based in the US or the UK would have to charge twice as much as their counterparts in India or Pakistan, in order to make their living. Find several websites, both “native-only” and not, and compare their fees. If you see a “native-only” website with the same prices as a website that supposedly hires ESLs, the “native speaker” claim is almost certainly a lie.

  • Look at your writer’s samples.
  • Every reputable writing service should allow you a look at the samples of your writer’s work. If they are not available on the website, a manager should send them to you at your request. Read the samples carefully. Determine how good the writer’s English is. It is important that you get samples of essay writing as research papers are not that good to assess a writer’s language and style.

  • Request a Skype session with your writer.
  • A Skype session is the safest possible way to tell whether you are dealing with a native speaker or an ESL. When you hear your writer’s voice, an accent will be impossible to hide (and it is almost impossible for ESLs to get rid of it). Not all companies would allow you a Skype talk with your writer, but those who will are definitely the most trustworthy ones. They have nothing to conceal as they actually have only professional and competent native speakers in their team.


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