In Search Of High Quality Short Story Essays Available For Free

Before you start looking for high quality short story essays take a bit of time to focus on what makes a good short story paper.

  • The essay should have a clear beginning (introduction – setting the scene), middle (where the action, incident or event occurs) and a suitable ending.
  • Decide what length of paper you are looking for (word count).
  • You may also decide at this point the type of story you are looking for (e.g. a real life story; an incident or a mystery?)

Once you have a good idea of what you are looking for take some time to read a few sort story essays. By doing this you are going to get a good idea of;

  • Your own preferences.
  • The quality of language and grammar that is used and the value of the overall content.
  • Making decisions about what is an average example, what is poor quality and what is really high or outstanding quality.

If you are short of ideas of where to look for some quality examples, it may be a good idea to ask your tutor if they have any examples or to ask at the Library. It will be well worth the time invested. You can also check out online videos that have been produced by tutors and professors where they will talk you through the process of what makes a quality essay.

With that information in mind, using a search engine (use an academic one, otherwise you will get websites that may have such a tenuous link to what you are looking for you will get discouraged), use the key words to narrow down your search.

Once you have got a list of websites start sifting through them. This need not take a long time. Start by picking out the sites that definitely offer:

  • A selection of short story essays.
  • The length of the paper meets your requirements.
  • The paper has already been marked by a tutor and preferably it is annotated in some way so as you can see what would improve the essay in any way.

Of course, you want to make sure that the paper is free. Usually a paper writing service or homework support service will want you to sign up to their website. If the papers are genuinely free then you will not be asked for your bank or card details, but you will be asked for a few details such as your field of study and level of study. You should now be able to access some quality essays.


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