How to Write My Essay if It's Due in One Hour?

It is possible to write an essay in an hour. It can be a little trickier for those that struggle writing papers but this guide will help you get it done. It is an easy way to explain what is expected in an essay. It will discuss some key points and give you a layout of what to write where. This should help you whip a paper up in no time.


The most common writing format is the five paragraph format. You have an introduction with a thesis statement. The thesis explains the reasons why you are writing the paper. There are three main body paragraphs each with a different idea and all that support the thesis statement directly. There is also a conclusion that will restate the thesis. Almost every paper that you will write can use this format.


If you want to write a paper fast, you have to make sure that you write a quick outline to make sure that you have organized your ideas. It will also help you to decide if you have enough information on the topic. You would want to write your outline in complete sentences and complete citations if any.

Gathering information

If you are able to write the paper without gathering any additional information, then you can skip this step. If not, the next step is to gather some evidence to support your claim. You can find one fact why the audience should believe each of the supporting details. This is a great way to help you develop your paper.

Rough Draft

Turn your outline into a complete paper. It should use transitions to move from one topic to the next so that it can flow nicely. Transitions are super important and will also fill up some much needed space so that you can fulfill the page or word count requirement.


The next step is to edit your rough draft to turn it into a final copy. You want to read through your essay several times to see if you made a mistake in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You can use some software services to help you with the editing process but don’t count solely on that. You can have a word in the text correctly and it won’t show up as an error even though it makes no sense.

These steps should help you quickly throw together that paper that you remembered was due the last minute.


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