A List of Exciting Point of View Essay Topics to Explore

The point view essay assignment is a work that focuses on analyzing the point of view of a literary character in a work of fiction. It should post some sort of argument or position that requires ample evidence taken from the subject text. The argument or position serves as the essay’s thesis and should be something that can be argued against. Choosing a topic can be a bit of a challenge especially if you are unfamiliar with this kind of assignment. So here are a few topics for you to explore or use as inspiration for developing your own:

  1. What reasons does Huckleberry Finn have for helping Jim, a slave, escape from captivity when all of Huck’s life experiences have been difficult and burdened?
  2. Why does the Great Gatsby feel he must continue his charade about his past when he reunites with Daisy? Why doesn’t he come out with the truth before he is finally revealed for the fraud that he is?
  3. Why doesn’t Madame Bovary take notice of her financial landslide in the midst of her extra-marital affairs? Is it her choice to ignore her fall or is she caught unawares?
  4. Why does Dante choose to be guided by the Roman poet Virgil? Is this simply the author’s choice or does Dante, the central character, play a role?
  5. How does Dorian Gray cope with the people in his life who are exhibiting both successes and failures in a society that seems to cruelly act indifferently?
  6. In Stephen King’s “Carrie” the protagonist finds herself in a world that is cruel as she unknowingly is experiencing puberty and maturing into a young woman. Is she prepared or does the violence result because of her ignorance or innocence?
  7. In Hamlet, why does the main character hesitate to act on his revenge? Is it a calculated move whose evidence lies in the text or is he genuinely indecisive in his act?
  8. How does Julius Caesar cope with the impending conflict between rivals that approaches Rome in Shakespeare’s tragedy? Would his actions, if different, have helped save his life if he was more compromising?
  9. Choose a character from Joseph Heller’s “Catch-22” and describe the way their actions better serve them to survive the war or lead them to more danger? Does their position within the group affect the way they behave towards others?

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