12 College History Essay Titles You Can Handle With Ease

College history is an extremely broad subject area that has many interesting topics that essays can be written about. The hardest part for many students is deciding what to write about. Once you know that, the rest is easy. Sometimes your professor will give you a topic to write about which does make things easier, but it is best to write about things that interest you. It has always been a known fact that if you write about something you are passionate about, you will do a much better job. Take a look at the essay titles below and see if any of them interest you:

  1. Could the bubonic plague spread been prevented?
  2. How did the large rocks get to the top of the Egyptian pyramids?
  3. What caused the Chinese to build the Great Wall?
  4. How much of London was really damaged by the Great Fire?
  5. How many American jobs were created by World War 1?
  6. How did the Hiroshima bombing change America?
  7. What inventions came out of the Scientific Revolution?
  8. What caused the Cuban missile crisis?
  9. Did anything good come out of the Cold War?
  10. Why did the Industrial Revolution happen?
  11. Were there any warnings before 9/11?
  12. How did royalty live during medieval times?

From the list above, find one of the essay topic ideas that interest you. Once you have picked one out, it is time to research that topic. Make sure the topic you choose has enough information so that you can find plenty of interesting facts that you can organize and use in your essay.

Once you have done your research, you are ready to create your thesis statement on your topic. Then you are ready to create your essay. The first step in creating your essay is to create an outline. This will be a roadmap of your assignment from start to finish. Just follow the outline and you won’t get lost in your search for a great piece of work. Use it to create well-structured sentences that flow together with coherence. Let someone read it and give you their opinion and maybe offer some advice on possible edits. You can take them and incorporate them into your essay or say thanks, but no thanks and create your final draft. Get excited about writing this assignment and create a great piece of written work.


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