Helpful Hints: Where To Get An Appropriate Example Of A Cause And Effect Essay

Cause and Effect Essays start with the exploration of the reasons for something happening and end with its results. This is a great teaching tool as it teaches students the ability to write investigative papers on causality, which is a remarkably important tool required in research.

Below is a list of resources where you can find an appropriate example of a Cause and Effect Essay:

  1. Some Interesting Topics, right here!
  2. To help you get started, here are 10 great topics for Cause and Effect:

    • How are endorphins released and what effect do they have on pain?
    • How do athletes increase their strength and what effect does that have on their sporting performance?
    • How does staying in touch with family through mobile communications help the relationship?
    • How does having adopted siblings affect the quality of life of a young person?
    • Does increased urbanization cause noise pollution which in turn causes stress?
    • How does glorified media coverage of gun culture affect youth by them seeing guns as a way to fame and fortune?
    • Explore how stress leads to overeating, which in turn leads to more stress.
    • With the dawn of the technological revolution, especially in information technology, there are more and more inventions each day, leading to unsustainable amounts of e-waste.
    • The unreasonably high prices of DVDs have led to increase in piracy.
    • The cause of hunger in the developing world is overpopulation. Explore its effects.
  3. Look on the internet
  4. A simple search on a popular search engine with the phrase “cause and effect paper” will reveal a stunning number of highly relevant and interesting papers to choose from. You can download the one that looks most promising and commence your work!

  5. Look in the library
  6. Having searched the internet and armed with interesting topics, you can head to the local library or the library at your school or university. With the help of the library database, you can find all the available cause and effect essays. Your library may also have access to specialized academic research databases which you can use to find samples of the kind you are looking for.

  7. Online Scholarly Databases
  8. Online databases such as JStor or Questia will also have plenty of resources available for you to look at. Most of these kinds of databases require paid access but some may also be available for free.


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