How To Create An Impressive Persuasive Essay On Video Games

If you’ve been set this assignment, it could be a lot of fun - not only because there’s a good chance you like video games (and if you don’t- don’t worry- it’s not mandatory), but also because with a persuasive essay you get to have a really strong opinion! Be gone the neutral stances you’ve had to take in other projects! Here you can have a voice!

What’s it all about?

The object of this assignment is to attempt to convince your reader to your opinion on the matter at hand. Now, although you get to have a strong stance, it doesn’t mean your assignment shouldn’t be balanced and thought out as well! You should include counter arguments from as many references with altering standpoints as you can. You should narrow a broad subject, but make sure you have all the facts before just making a case on an uninformed basis- you won’t win any argument like that!

What to write about?

When selecting your topic, from the large subject that is video games, remember that the object of this assignment is to persuade your reader. So, although you should always choose a subject that you’re passionate about, you still need to make sure that it’s something that fits the criteria stated above.

What sorts of things could you look at then? Well, there are plenty of angles to come from. You could look at gaming from a business perspective and make a case for how much the sector has contributed to the economy. You may want to argue that playing violent games leads to violent behavior. You could opine that the more time we spend watching flashing imagery on screens, the more it’s contributing to any number of philosophical, evolutionary or conspiracy notions.

If you already know a fair bit about the subject, and have an interest in it, this will certainly aid you in writing a brilliant work.

And finally…

The art of writing this type of paper depends on you being able to back up the claims you make, being clear and succinct in your arguments, comparing your opinion against that of other credible sources, using relevant and powerful statements and data, and sticking to your guns! If you’ve made the reader question their own perspective on the topic at hand, or indeed made them come around to your way of thinking entirely, then you will have accomplished your task! When writing your paper, always ask yourself how someone else/your teacher would read it. Look through the eyes of someone else and be non-biased when reviewing your writing, and you should be able to spot any holes in your argument or misjudged statements you’ve made.


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