A List Of Interesting Essay Topics On Gender Issues

Gender issues continue to be a concern all over the world. There are people denied the right to do something because of their gender. There are certain beliefs people have that have made things more challenging for men and women alike. Writing about such issues takes a certain level of interest and curiosity to producing a good essay paper that offers unique insight related to its main idea.

Understanding Gender Issues to Help You Choose a Good Essay Topic

There is more to gender issues than many people realize. There are common issues such as women not earning equal pay to same-sex marriages and gay rights. Ideas for essay writing may include sources that provide in depth knowledge on such issues. Consider news media, social media and even organizations that stand up for equal rights.

Gender issues include problems occurring around the world. Some essay topic ideas may include focusing on certain issues occurring in other parts of the world. For instance, the Middle East is known to not treat women fairly or allow them to do certain activities. You can write about whether you think religious beliefs has something to do with it or do you suspect men are considered to be leaders who uphold a specific standard for women in their society.

10 Ideas for a Gender Issue Essay Paper

Getting ideas for a gender issue essay paper may include reviewing potential ideas and prompts available. A list of potential ideas can help you understand options. You can find an idea you can make into your own based on personal interests or experience. You can consider ideas you have strong personal opinions about and you want to see change occur. Here are 10 potential ideas for a gender essay paper to consider.

  1. Do men earn more money than women?
  2. Is gender equality possible?
  3. Are there certain jobs that should be completed by a certain gender only?
  4. Does depression affect women more than men?
  5. Which sex is more effective in leadership roles (being the boss)?
  6. Can single fathers be better parents than single mothers?
  7. Are more women being abusive in relationships toward men?
  8. Should same sex partners be allowed to raise children?
  9. Contributions women have made in Congress.
  10. What evidence suggests women are smarter than men?

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