A List Of Interesting Essay Topics For The Hobbit

If you are tasked with writing an essay on The Hobbit, there are many interesting essay topics available to you. If you are struggling to come up with a topic yourself, you can always consider the list below. Bear in mind that this list is meant to serve as a foundation from which you find topics you enjoy. You should use it as a stepping stone:

  • Write about whether you can consider Thorin to be some form of hero and whether the death he received at the end was deserved
  • Write about whether Biblo actually belongs in Hobbiton or not after the developments that took place in the book.
  • Write about whether humans are considered a good race within the book and whether they fit within all of the other prominent races that exist in Middle Earth
  • Write a paper that focuses on the role wealth played in the book
  • Write a paper that explains which factors define an identity for a person, as explained by the book
  • Write a paper which discusses how the author incorporated humor into the book and what techniques were used to do this.

If these do not interest you, then try brainstorming ideas. When you are picking a topic is important that you pick something that you actually enjoy. One of the first things you can do when selecting a topic is to start brainstorming.

Brainstorming exercises are very beneficial. They help you to free up space in your mind and to pick a topic that you really like. It is important to note that the conscious mind can generally hold an average of seven thoughts at once. This means that if you are asked to look at a piece of paper and remember as many things as you can, a few seconds later you will only retain approximately seven things from that page. So at any given time you are maintaining seven different thoughts in your mind, on average. This means if you're trying to come up with the perfect topic and your brain is currently crowded with other information that you were consciously holding onto, you will physically block the creative thoughts from your subconscious from coming into your conscious. Brainstorming exercises are a great way to break through this barrier and to open up your subconscious and allow creativity to flow.


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