A List Of Interesting Essay Topics On The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzerald wrote a novel in 1925 that went on to become a wheeling machine for human hearts. It has such influence that we often refer to a squandering millionaire as a Gatsby. This is the story of an ingenious mind spoiled of love.

A deeper understanding

If you want a deep understanding of The Great Gatsby or any other pertinent novel, you can visit this website. People have anyway been trying for long to decode the machinations and propellers of love; with little success, we may add.

Here are 10 essay topics on the molds of The Great Gatsby for your convenience

  1. How love makes you a squanderer – Love has the capacity to have differential impact on different fellows. While complete love generally sobers fellows, unrequited love generally turns people into wastrels.
  2. The interconnection with the great American dream – The American dream is all about sketching a sensibility different to that of Europeans; the latter often taken as standard practice. This is what led America to social security, Capitalism and Isolationism.
  3. The insecurity of heart when it meets a bigger one – Big hearts generally induce jealousy in others, since they cannot fill in the shoes. This is the case of Tom, up against Jay Gatsby.
  4. The illusive fairy – Daisy is an illusion in Gatsby’s life. Even when they restart their affair, there is that evident distance, caused by internal strife and external fellows.
  5. When money takes a backseat – Such is the love of Gatsby for Daisy that he hardly minds spending millions on parties, just to get that willful look of his love.
  6. The never-ending male one-uppity – Tom indulges in adultery and yet engenders pique when he hears that his wife Daisy is having an affair with Jay Gatsby.
  7. Ill begets ill – This is the truth of life. Gatsby earns money through bootlegging; lives luxuriously and ultimately dies a poor death.
  8. The case of a narrator – Whether it is The Scarlet Letter or Sherlock Holmes, books generally make a mark with a narrator around. Of course, the story has to be gripping.
  9. The vagaries of the human heart – The human heart is so insincere and yet it often dominates the way we lead our lives. Almost everybody is influenced in some way by the ‘Gatsbian’ manner of living.
  10. An urgent argument for gun control – Gatsby could have lived longer had George not possessed a gun. The debate still essays pangs of thrill.

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