Coming Up with Successful Comparative Essay Topics in Sociology

Sociology is a very broad subject. It explores how people behave in society, and practically every area of our life can be researched by sociologists. In a comparative essay, you should compare at least two entities, look for differences and similarities, and come up with your own understanding of the issue. Many ideas in sociology can be compared effectively, and it may be troublesome to choose a specific and personal topic from the vast variety of sociology subfields. To succeed, you should align the search with your particular needs. Here are some tips on how to approach the task:

  1. Decide on a subject area that will be interesting to research.
  2. For example, consider looking deeper into education, family relations, crime issues, culture, theoretical sociology, etc.
  3. Choose two compelling and controversial issues to explore.
  4. Conduct research on your topic idea.
  5. If there are enough sources to refer to in the process of writing, you have made a good choice.

Here are some great comparative essay topics in sociology that can be successfully used for your paper.

  • Marriage versus cohabitation: social views on the issues.
  • Public schools versus private schools: looking for better sources of gaining social experience and introducing societal norms.
  • Understanding of the family and its role in America and India: comparative analysis.
  • Sports and families: comparative analysis of their roles in interpersonal relations.
  • European and American parenting styles: looking for differences and similarities.
  • Sociology versus anthropology: critical analysis.
  • Living in a big city versus living in the countryside.
  • Being a single parent in the U.S. and China: comparative analysis of liberal and conservative views on the issue.
  • Materialism versus spiritualism.
  • Social attitudes towards women in power in a democratic and conservative society.
  • Superiority complex versus inferiority complex.
  • Investigation into human rights in the U.S. and Asia.
  • Functionalist theory versus conflict theory: comparative analysis of approaches towards education.
  • Understanding of religion and its role in society according to Marx and Weber.
  • Pluralism versus democracy: analysis of these notions according to the functionalist theory.
  • Attitudes towards social institutions by Weber and Durkheim.
  • Keeping balance between work and family life: comparing how mothers cope with all challenges of modern life in the U.S. and any developing country.

You can come up with hundreds of interesting topic ideas that will perfectly suit your comparative essay in sociology. Any broad issue can be narrowed down enough to fit well into your paper. Demonstrate your creativity and original thinking when creating your topic, and you will definitely be rewarded for your efforts.


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