Weapon Of Mass Destruction And Terrorism

Terrorism is used to define deliberate violent acts or threats of terror that serves to create terror undertaken for a religious, economic, ideological or political nature and completely disregards the safety of innocent citizens who are not part of the war or combat. Terrorism is a controversial term as it is very sensitive to its usage. Different states interpret the word terrorism in their unique way but the common issue revolving around terrorism in all countries is that in most cases terrorism is politically motivated.

Weapon of mass destruction has extensive definitions. Weapon of mass destruction can be defined as any military weapon that is intended or designed to result in death or serious physical injuries through the dissemination, release or impact of poisonous and toxic chemicals or their precursors. Weapon of mass destruction can also be defined as a biological agent meant to cause harm to people through the release radiation or radioactivity at levels that are harmful to humans. In general terms, weapons of mass destructions are weapons that are designed to cause a large-scale impact on property, people and infrastructure.

Overview of weapon of mass destruction and terrorism

As the world is evolving and changing technologically, terrorism is also changing. There is a great fear nowadays on the trend of terrorism activities in the world. It is believed that terrorist groups are in possession of weapons of mass destructions and they occasionally plan how to use on nations of the target. Due to the world’s technological advance and readily available scientific expertise, it is becoming more increasingly difficult to safeguard the world from biological and nuclear attacks. Although terror groups lack the materials necessary to build the weapons of mass destruction, they occasionally try to extract or steal the materials from the nations that are legally accepted to be in possession of the weapons of mass destruction.

Weapons of mass destruction like the nuclear bombs and biological agents are very dangerous in the possession of the wrong hands. These weapons do not only cause death and casualties, but their effects may be felt through generations. Some of the weapons of mass destruction produces radiations that may cause mutations in humans thus the results may be passed down to generations through genes. These effects are severe and may take many hundred years to correct.

Dangers of weapon of mass destruction and terrorism

Terrorism is a vice that cuts across all religions, nations, race, ethnicity, political background and economic status. Terrorism has severe effects worldwide and more particularly to the affected country. Terrorism leads to economic downstream in the affected country. It is unless the world joins hands that it is possible to completely eradicate terrorism.


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