Composing A Decent Persuasive Essay On Why Knowledge Is Better Than Degree

The idea that knowledge is better than degree is a great topic for a persuasive essay. Its main focus is on the fact that knowledge or experience in an area of study is more important than a degree or studying it. It focuses on the idea that even if you get a degree in a field, it can be more important to get that hands on experience. It is a proven fact that it is easier to retain the information when you are utilizing it over just reading or hearing about it. However, bad practice does not make anything but bad performance. Your goal with this type of paper is to prove the fact that knowledge beats out a degree in the long wrong.

What format would I use?

When you are formatting your persuasive essay, you can use a standard five paragraph essay format. You will have an introduction that will explain the idea. It can give some background information or give your definition of what the saying means. This will be followed by a thesis which makes the statement that says that “knowledge is better than a degree”. The body paragraph will work to prove this point. Come up with three reasons why this is true. Each of the three body paragraphs will explain a different reason why this statement is true. Make sure to only discuss one reason in each paragraph. The last paragraph is the conclusion and will wrap up all of the points and draw a strong conclusion that reiterates the main points.

Using an outline:

You will want to make sure that you use an outline to ensure that you are presenting your ideas in the best order and to make sure that you keep organized. It is a good idea to always plan your papers out. That way you are sure to write an effective paper. If you write this outline in complete sentences, you can be sure to have a large portion of your paper already completed. Also, you should include the transitional phrases at this stage so that you can connect the main points. It is a good idea to complete all of this before you start writing.

You have the knowledge that you need to write a successful paper. You will be able to enjoy the paper that you are writing if you write it properly.


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