How To Choose Descriptive Essay Topics For Third Grade Students: A List Of Great Ideas

Writing a descriptive essay is a compelling task to accomplish in third grade. You should read this post in order to get useful ideas on what topics to consider for your upcoming article.

Remember to provide interesting information about the topic that you have picked. The article is meant to be thorough in the descriptions but not too much. You should find suitable words to communicate the ideas in the right context.

  1. What is flying in a plane for the first time like? Describe the whole experience in detail.
  2. Describe your first visit to the amusement park. Did you like it? Tell everyone what your experience was like.
  3. What was your last summer vacation like?
  4. The most common issues for teenagers nowadays.
  5. How useful are Smartphones currently? Describe in what ways we are able to profit from mobile phone in the present.
  6. Describe how your first trip abroad was.
  7. What is it like to meet a famous person in real life?
  8. Describe how people use to communicate 20 years ago.
  9. What is the Internet? Describe how is has grown in the past few years.
  10. Do you know wearables? Describe what these devices are.
  11. Who is your favourite music artist? Describe what his/her songs are like.
  12. What is your favourite video game? Describe what is it about and how it works.
  13. Where did you have your latest birthday party? Describe the place and why you picked it.
  14. Do you have a favourite meal? Tell everyone why it is your more enjoyable food.
  15. Who is your best friend? Describe him/her to everybody and make them guess who that person is.
  16. Describe your favourite subject at school. Tell the audience why it is your favourite matter.
  17. What is your favourite sport? Make a detailed description of your most enjoyable activity.

First, create an introduction on the topic so that the reader knows what is yet to come in the following lines. Do not provide too much info, make it appealing. In addition, make a few paragraphs in the body. Use each paragraph to provide a different insight on the characteristics of the matter. Make a conclusion in order to end your article so that you communicate your opinion about the topic.


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