How to Do My Essay in a Proper Way: a Quick Guide

If you are a high school student and facing problems in essay writing. After putting, a lot of effort still getting low grades. You want to improve your grades and do not know where you are lacking. Then you surely need help in knowing your weakness and should do something to overcome it. Essay writing has never been so tough at lower grades, but higher levels demand you to provide higher quality assignments. At this stage, essays become more complicated and the topics become more challenging. You would have to show more dedication. It will take time at initial stages. Once you become familiar with the format and writing tips, then this challenging task would become a game for you. You will be amazed to know your inner capabilities and creative skills.

Are you ready to enter the thrilling world of writing? If yes, then here your journey begins

Writing your paper

Let us start with following the correct methodology. The standard essay is composed of the following components

  1. A solid introduction
  2. A thesis statement
  3. Body


How to take a perfect start for your essay

  1. Create your own definitions
  2. Do not copy someone’s definitions or dictionary definitions
  3. Use easy terms
  4. Do not use direct statements
  5. To keep your readers engaged keep on asking questions
  6. Avoid giving general and obvious statements
  7. Try to create a background

Other important tips

  1. Giving arguments
  2. Quoting phrases
  3. Important facts
  4. Proper statistics
  5. Giving relevant information
  6. Avoid providing wrong and unnecessary details
  7. Catchy and interactive content

Common mistakes that student usually do

If you have learned all the basics and tips, and still not getting highest grades, then you might be doing these mistakes.

You are giving a weak introduction. Introduction is going to be your first impression. By giving a strong introduction, you could get your reader’s attention.

Another mistake that students generally do is giving a long thesis statement. The easy way of writing a proper thesis statement is to write an appropriate thesis statement. Answering this question would be resulting in getting your proper thesis statement. What do you want to achieve from your thesis?

This would help you in getting a small and one line thesis statement.

Do not divide your essay in more than five paragraphs.

Conclusion or ending should be meaningful.


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