Using Custom Writing Services: Advantages and Disadvantages

Have you ever felt completely incapable of getting your act together and submitting your assignment in time to meet the deadline? Many students have. So many, in fact, that the academic writing industry has sprung up to deal with the growing demand for custom made writing. You can find all sorts of companies that specialise in different aspects of the field. Everything has a good and bad aspect, however, so here are the pros and cons of using these types of services:


  • Speed
  • You may think that writing a certain type of paper requires a certain amount of time but you most likely are making your estimates based on your life. Professional writers can spend more of their day completing your tasks because that’s their job. Furthermore, because they spend so much of their time creating academic content, they have become faster than they would have been otherwise.

  • Talent
  • Writing companies seek out the best talent in the industry. They also get hundreds of applications from qualified potential employees worldwide. By dealing with one of these you eliminate the need to search for the most talented content creators yourself. You also reduce your own need to increase your skill levels in the immediate future.


  • Money
  • These companies don’t work for free. You will need to have enough disposable income to purchase the calibre of paper you desire. This varies from company to company but you should be prepared to pay top dollar if you want the best writers out there.

  • Risk
  • The companies that sell academic content exist in an industry that is attractive to tricksters and frauds. They set up shell companies that don’t actually offer any services or just serve up recycled and heavily plagiarized work. If this type of work reaches you minutes before your submission deadline, you could end up having nothing to show for the money you spent. Worse yet, even if you work with a company that is fairly trustworthy, if your school finds out you submitted someone else’s work under your name there will be repercussions. One last minor risk is the development of a dependency on outside help to complete your assignments. It can stop you from crossing academic hurdles that would otherwise be in your past.

Other factors will come into play when you search for writers but these are some of the most important advantages and disadvantages you should consider.


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