Choosing Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics About Facebook

One of the most challenging aspects of writing essays can often be thinking of a good topic to write about. However, when it comes to writing an argumentative paper, students have a wide range of choice available to them, and can largely base their topic on anything that they may have strong feelings about or contact to professional essay writing services.

For example, if you are studying computing or any other subject that may require you to discuss or learn about Facebook, then you might be able to think of a wide range of different persuasive ideas related to this topic. In fact, even if you do not use Facebook yourself, it is such a well-known company that has had such a dramatic impact on the lives of so many, particularly those of younger generation, that there will almost certainly be some topics you can think about to write about.

For example, if you do not use Facebook yourself, then you may wish to argue why other people should follow your lead, and not use the website. Alternatively, if you do use Facebook, you may wish to discuss a particular reason or idea as to why you think it is so popular, possibly based on your own opinions and experiences of the website.

In fact, in order to help you think of a good topic to choose, then there is probably a good chance that you can find a range of different groups on the website itself, which you can then join and use to interact with other people, who might then be able to provide you with a range of topic ideas. Alternatively, you may wish to look at some of the ideas listed below.

  • Facebook has permanently changed the way in which young people view relationships
  • Facebook is nothing more than a huge waste of time
  • Facebook is only a passing fad and will soon be forgotten about
  • Facebook is the greatest cultural achievement of the 21st century
  • The majority of people know little or nothing about the “friends” that they have on Facebook
  • Facebook is a breeding ground for cyber bullies
  • Facebook should not be available for people under the age of 16
  • Facebook is only for young people and adults over the age of 21 should not waste their time with it
  • Facebook is the best way for people to stay after their lives take them down separate paths
  • People who criticise Facebook only do so because they do not understand it properly

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