A List Of Strong Topics For A Descriptive Essay About Your School

Descriptive essay is the easiest thing, if you are lucky to get an interesting subject to write about. Your school is easily one of them, because it is a place that holds great value for you, mentally and physically. But creating a good descriptive essay means that you have to be eyes and ears for your readers. Furthermore, when talking about a situation, or describing a place, person or feeling, you have to be very detailed.Therefore writing will be easy if you first come up with good topics for a descriptive essay about .Think about the structure and the flow of the paper.

Here are some great examples of interesting descriptive essay about your school:

  • Who is the initial person you met and how did they act? Where is that person now?
  • Is your school by any means different from other schools you know?
  • Who is the most important person you met in school, and how did they change your life. Do you still hang out with that person
  • Hidden places that hold significant memories in your school
  • Horror day at school - Worst thing that happened to you
  • What do you see when you outside from your classrooms window
  • Describe you school cantina and why you love or hate it
  • What is the first thing you see when you enter your school. Does it hold some meaning for you?
  • School sports that you adore, and how does training for it look like
  • Describe what do you do when you have time for yourself at school
  • I go there when I hate the world: Describe your favorite hideout in school
  • Friends that used to go to your school, where are they now?
  • Is there a teacher that you really like? Describe their best features, and why you like them
  • How does look like you way to school? Describe all the means of transportation that you use for going to school
  • Sports team from school that changed your opinion on sports. Describe what happened and why you changed your mind
  • Longest period you didn’t go to school and why
  • Describe the most interesting person you have met in your school
  • Last day of school will be like what? What do you expect to do and feel on the last day
  • Describe thing that you feel you learned in school and you will remember for the rest of your life.

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