Picking Up Interesting Topics for Your Analysis Essay

Students have to write analysis essays quite regularly, but it does not mean that they so not have troubles trying to pick up interesting topics for their papers. Sometimes, instructors specify the topics, but it is more common that students have the freedom to choose topics for themselves. Choosing a right topic is very important; if the topic is boring, you cannot write a good paper. There are different strategies that students use in order to pick up essay topics; some suggestions are described below.

  • You should give a priority to something that you are interested in and have a good level of understanding. If you are passionate about a chosen topic, you can write it faster and without much effort.
  • If you feel like you do not know much about the subject, you should conduct some research on it before making a final decision on your essay topic. You must ensure that you have enough ideas and details to cover the topic and attract the potential readers.
  • It is better to stick to your topic. Sometimes, students choose their topics, write the first drafts, and understand that they covered other topics. You should avoid this common mistake. If you are not sure about a chosen topic, you should prepare your draft, revise it, and change the topic if needed.

If you do not know what you want to write about, you can brainstorm the ideas with your friends, ask your instructor for help, or look for sample topics online. The latter option is the most popular one because students prefer learning experience of others, and then compose their own topics. Sample analysis essay topics may be found in university libraries, academic writing centers, and online databases. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Why do people gain or lose weight?
  2. Why are most work meetings ineffective?
  3. Why do people develop bad habits?
  4. How do students find their first apartments for rent?
  5. How do families survive a recession successfully?
  6. Why do some people donate money to non-governmental organizations?
  7. Why is it important to many people to keep friends on social networks?
  8. Why do teenagers start smoking and drinking alcohol?
  9. Is it possible to survive without a car in a big city?
  10. How do hobbies help people develop useful skills?
  11. Why is a nervous breakdown so dangerous?
  12. Is it possible to complain effectively?
  13. What is a perfect family reunion?
  14. Why do students choose professions that they do not like?
  15. What does it mean to become a successful person?

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