A List of New Essay Writing Topics on Corruption in the World

Corruption in the world is an excellent topic for an essay. This issue is relevant and there is plenty of material available for your research. There is also plenty of room for ideas and theories you can develop on the subject of corruption. In addition, don’t forget that not only politicians are corrupt, so you have really a great number of options to choose from when you decide what to focus your paper on.

In case you are struggling with picking one topic out of the dozens available, take a look at the following prompts for inspiration:

  1. The more power, the higher is the corruption rate.
  2. Do you agree with this statement? Why is it easier for the people who wield a great amount of power to become corrupted by it? Can this be prevented?

  3. Is corruption unavoidable ?
  4. Analyze the structure of your society and identify the causes of corruption. Offer efficient ways to solve this problem or list the reasons as to why it cannot be solved.

  5. Police corruption and its level on crime rate.
  6. Why are police officers corrupt? How does this influence crime (pay special attention to the connection to organized crime)?

  7. Corruption in literature.
  8. Choose a literary work and analyze how the problem of corruption is described there. Hamlet by William Shakespeare is perfect for this essay.

  9. Origins of corruption.
  10. Try to identify the reasons that lead to corruption. Is it true that as long as some people hold more power than others, there will always be corruption? Is it possible to make all people equals?

  11. Poverty and corruption.
  12. How does the level of poverty influence the corruption rate in the country? Why are the poorest states are usually more susceptible to this problem?

  13. Is corruption immoral?
  14. Analyze this phenomenon from a moralistic point of view. Be sure to start this paper by defining the morals you base your analysis on.

  15. Is anyone impervious to corruption?
  16. Offer your ideas on the subject. Try to find some historical examples of genuinely good people who had power, but did not succumb to corruption.

  17. Corruption of sheltered children.
  18. Can it be said that children who grow up sheltered become “corrupt” when they get the taste of the “real world”? How does this work?

  19. Christianity and corruption.
  20. All Christian values stand against it, but you can find plenty of historical examples of the corrupt members of the Church. Try to explain this phenomenon.


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