How to Write a Catchy Persuasive Essay Introduction: Tips and Examples

While at first glance, an assignment asking you to write about your personal views might sound like an easy task. The truth is it is anything but easy. A good persuasive essay must not simply be a reflection of a certain viewpoint, but must also convince the reader to take it into consideration. The key to a persuasive essay is to write a catchy introduction that will keep readers interested in your topic. Here are some tips and examples to use in your next persuasive essay.

Write an Outline

Writing a very simple outline of the entire essay is necessary for writing a good introduction. Without material to work with, and introduction will appear disjointed from the argument in the rest of the essay. This is why good writers usually write an introduction after the main points are already in place. Here is a template for an outline that can be filled in to match any topic.

  1. Introduction
  2. A. Topic sentence (thesis statement)

    B. Transition

  3. Point 1
  4. A. Topic sentence

    B. Counter-argument

    C. Refute counter-argument

  5. Point 2
  6. A. Topic sentence

    B. Counter-argument

    C. Refute counter argument

  7. Point 3
  8. A. Topic sentence

    B. Counter-argument

    C. Refute counter argument

  9. Conclusion
  10. A. Summarize points of argument

    B. Make a suggestion for how this point of view should be applied in society, personal life, etc.

Write the Introduction

  • Use a “hook”
  • This is what will draw readers into your essay.

    5 categories

    • Short story
    • “There is a young girl, aged 8, wandering the streets alone. She digs through garbage bags for scraps of food and clothing. “

    • State Facts
    • “Each American citizen uses on average 5 gallons of water each day. In stark contrast, the average German only uses 2. Why is this number so different?”

    • Rhetorical Questions
    • “Can you imagine a future where there is no hunger, but everyone has adequate food?”

    • Statistics
    • “A recent study showed that over 40% of all working moms are now raising their children as single parents.”

  • Follow up with a thesis sentence or sentences
  • Your hook should always be followed by the essay’s thesis. The thesis is another way of saying the essay’s main argument.

    A thesis can be as short as one sentence, but could also be two or three sentences. You thesis in a persuasive essay should have a clear viewpoint.

    “Failure to vaccinate children for whom vaccination poses no real threat is not only immoral, it is a public safety risk. For this reason, it is the obligation of state governments to require vaccination for all children.”


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