Where To Look For The Best Examples Of Descriptive Essays

There are very few things in this world which defy description. Perhaps the Pyramids will fall in that category. For lesser mortals, words or an intelligent assortment of words does suffice. The art of description is however not as easy as it seems.

Description a tough act

William Shakespeare said, “Brevity is the soul of wit and tediousness its limbs and outward flourishes”. It is very hard to describe a person, an element or an event and yet sound beautiful. Descriptive essays venture to encourage that capacity in students.

Analysis is important

You learn to dissect, just as doctors do an autopsy. You have to take the strengths, weaknesses; outlook and inner sentiments of a space and describe it in an analytical fashion. One mistake here or there and the description will lose its gravity.

Hitting the mark

While some things of beauty are so imposing that you can hardly err while describing them, there are many events and places which gain beauty through your description. This is where descriptive essays have to hit a mark.

Spaces to look for

They may be on life, on patrimony, on women’s liberation, on Roger Federer; the dying art of letter writing or even the hotness of the Sun. There are many places to look for topics for descriptive essays.

  • Look into significant events – World War 1 and 2, 9/11, The October Revolution, quadrennial Olympics; there are many significant events which can inspire descriptive essays. You just need to choose the topics which have enough depth to culminate into a meaningful work.
  • Look for significant lives – Right from George Washington to Mother Teresa, Vladimir Lenin to Charles De Gaulle; up to Idi Amin and Fidel Castro; there have been significant people whose lives merit a worthy description from different angles. It is not hard to create descriptive essays on these people.
  • A passage in life – We all meet crossroads in life when we have to choose between two styles of living. The metaphoric choices, the inner demons we meet and the eventual success or failures we attain are all perfect foils for descriptive essay topics. Check into the varied junctures of life.
  • Playing with imagination – You may invite a mystical place, a night spent in a barn, a haunted road or time spent in a musical concert. There are infinite options for such inventions; all with the capacity to mould perfect descriptive essays. You just have to raise the bar with your imagination, so that students feel propelled to think differently and think big.

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