Is Racism Prevalent In African-Americans Films?

African American films have been produced on a number of topics. From divorce to violence, they are known to cover different sides of the story but with special attention to African American interests. Racism has been a problem for years and while some black films touch on the subject, there are those that feel racism is something that could be explored in deeper context. There are films that look at the history of racism but they may not be geared at just African Americans.

A number of African American films really do not touch the element of racism. They are purely made for entertainment for a specific audience. Some films may mock or shame the African American community. They may take situations full of drama and try to present a meaningful message behind them in hopes of getting blacks to change their ways. These elements have little to do with racism, but if race is an issue blacks are often quick to distinguish what elements they like and dislike. There may be elements that come off offensive or confusing that have viewers questioning if the film was trying to present a clear message.

Racism may not be evident in most African American films, but some films that are critically acclaimed for their subject matter may have some elements of racism. They may try to depict situations from the past that African Americans and other races and cultures continue to deal with. An event centered on an assassination of a leader may erupt into a riot. A black person may have been murdered or killed by a white person. In other words, many films may look into racism when an event has occurred bringing up the issue. For some critics they feel there are not enough films in general detailing this problem.

African American films for the most part showcase different situations blacks can relate to. They are often directed or told from the perspective of an African American. One aspect that continues to be a problem in modern society is racism. Because of what happened in the past with blacks and how they were treated so unfairly, few feel their side of the story is just coming out. It is likely there are more books that explore racism issues among blacks, but they often don’t get the attention they should.


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