The Best Collection of Intriguing Argument Essay Topics

Some of the best argument essay topics are things you like to argue about. You can think about arguments you have had in the past with people you know. Not just verbal arguments, but issues and topics where you have had a disagreement. You feel strongly about something and feel your side of the story is better than the opposing side. You need to figure out how to write about it while making both sides look fair. You will want to keep these things in mind when choosing your topic. Here are some examples of some of the most intriguing argument essay topics.

  1. Teenage dating. Should teens be allowed to date in high school? Does dating affect grades earned or create a distraction for students while learning?
  2. Can a boy have a girl as just a friend? Can a male have a female friend without having romantic feelings for her?
  3. Should a woman keep her maiden name after getting married? Is it really a big deal for a woman to change her last name or hyphenate her maiden name with her husband’s last name?
  4. Your first impression of someone you meet for the first time is right. Can you change your first impression of someone or will it pretty much remain the same?
  5. Your academics are not as important as being social with others. There are teens that think it is more important to have a good social life than to focus on academics. Is there truth to this?
  6. Schools should encourage students not to have sex at all. How could schools encourage students to wait to have sex until marriage?
  7. The media over exaggerates news all the time. Even when some sources are telling the truth about something they still take it too fair to create more drama and controversy.
  8. Is it unethical to leave a company and work for their competitor? Should a company competitor be off limits when considering a new job?
  9. Governments do enough for poor people. Too many people argue about others getting free handouts from the government even though they are able to work. What about the working poor?
  10. Energy drinks do not provide energy. How does an energy drink provide energy? Is this energy considered healthy even though it includes a considerable amount of caffeine?

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