Recommendations On How To Write A Middle School Essay

Writing a middle school level essay doesn’t have to be horrible. All you have to do is focus on the structure and format and follow a few simple steps. You don’t have to be a writer or even very clever to get the style and format down for a writing assignment. Just pay attention, follow these steps and check your work!

Know the Style

Essays have different styles and types so make sure you understand the assignment and if they have designated a specific style for the piece to follow. Some of the possible writing styles it may be designated as could be narrative, persuasive, expository, comparative, argumentative or literary. If the teacher has not designated a style for the paper to follow then choose one for yourself. It is important to follow one of these styles in order to make it flow and be cohesive.

Make an Outline

Making an outline is really important to any writing project because it organizes your thoughts and creates a structure or frame for you to go off of and fill in information. An outline will include any notes or ideas you have when you first start. There will be an introduction, thesis, body, and conclusion. Write all of these labels out on the page and just start forming thoughts in each of the categories that are more specific to what you are writing about.

The Thesis

Your essay MUST have a thesis, or it will not have a point. Papers without a thesis wander in thought and do not have a specific directed thought process or point to make. So make sure this is one of the first things you work on. You do not have to finish it before you start your paper, but you should have the main idea of the thesis all set to go before you begin. It gives a direction to your paper and will need to be stated at the beginning, supported in the middle and restated and summarized at the end.

Your essay will surely be a home run if you follow these simple steps. Paying attention to the set-up process when it comes to writing is crucial. It sets the tone for how well your paper is written and how easy it is for you to write on a great topic in a pointed way. Be sure always to proofread at the end to make sure that you have supported your thesis and haven’t strayed from it at the end and it will be a solid piece guaranteed.


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