Simple Guidelines for Those Who Are Looking for College Cause and Effect Essay Topics

College professors are known to assign persuasive papers and argumentative papers, but not many assign cause and effect papers. When you have been assigned a cause and effect paper at the collegiate level, you cannot pick a simple high school topic. A college cause and effect topic needs to be complex and interesting. Here are a few guidelines and suggestions for selecting a topic:

When you choose a cause and effect topic, you can related it to your life and the choices you made. Here are a few suggestions:

  • What caused you to choose your major?
  • Why do you love to read?
  • What caused you to get involved in the club/sport/organization that you joined?
  • Why caused a place to become your favorite vacation destination?
  • How will you choose where you want to live after you graduate from college?

You can also choose a topic that is related to a course that you enjoy:

  • What caused you to get an A in your toughest class?
  • What made a professor change the way you see a particular subject?
  • Why would you include a particular novel in a literature course?
  • What causes students to dislike a particular course?

You can also choose a topic that is related to a global or local cause:

  • Why are divorces so common?
  • How does illiteracy affect communities?
  • Why are American-made cars growing in popularity?
  • What are the effects of reduced gas prices?
  • What are the causes of reduced gas prices?

Make good choices and write a solid essay:

When you choose a topic for a cause and effect essay, you should look for something that people are interested in learning - especially you. It is important to ask questions like why and how, because those will lead you to look for the causes or the effects of the question you are asking. Cause and effect questions can look into common ideas, but the answers to the questions should be complex so you can show the relationships between the cause and effect. The topic can be developed backwards, with the effects relating back to the cause. Whatever you choose to write about, have fun and make the essay uniquely yours with excellent word choice and variations in sentence structure, too. Any topic that is written about well should earn a good grade from any professor.


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