Crafting An Expository Essay For 8th Graders- The Best Strategy

As an 8th grade student you just start to get used to so many courses. The teachers have high expectations from you, but at the same time they try to help you and give you all the information that you need. That is why writing your expository essay will not be difficult; you already have all the instructions from your professor, you just have to learn how to arrange everything. Here is the best strategy:

  • Choose an easy topic. I know that you want to impress your colleagues, but take it easy in the beginning. Once you get used to this type of essays, you will be able to handle difficult topics and ideas. For now, your main concern is to present a good assignment that follows all the requirements of your professor. In general, it’s more easy to write about things that you love, maybe your passion or your future career.
  • Make research. Before writing, you will have to know everything there is about your topic. In this way you will be able to support your ideas with arguments. Remember that in this composition you are required to discuss clear ideas, without introducing your personal opinion. Also, you have to take into consideration various perspectives and not focus on one single idea.
  • Build an outline before writing. You want to be sure that your text has a good structure, and this is the perfect way to do it. You will divide the information in a few chapters and assign a major idea for each one. In this way, when you will start writing you will only have to follow the outline, not improvise as you go.
  • Create a draft then work on it. Don’t try to write the entire text from the first try; you will make many mistakes and you will forget to use important ideas. Write a simple draft and spend a few hours to add other paragraphs, review the information and correct the grammars. Remember the conclusion. Many students think that if the rest of the composition is professional, the last lines don’t matter. The truth is that they way you finish your text is vital and your professor will pay attention to this. You have to write a short, but smart conclusion based on the information that you shared in the composition.

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