Creating A Persuasive Essay: 15 Fresh Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

A persuasive essay has to be written in such a way that the reader a second guess about their own options. It is meant to persuade the reader into accepting your point. So when you write one, the first thing you should do is declare which side you are on. This helps the reader and also makes it easier to understand. But before you begin writing your essay you will have to search for suitable topics. A fresh topic can make your paper impressive and also add value to your writing. Here are a few ideas that are sure to help you in your selection.

List of topics for persuasive essay:

  1. Should the uniform be made mandatory across all schools?
  2. Is it the duty of every citizen to perform some community service?
  3. Is it a wise move to legalize marijuana?
  4. Why should a student be made to take foreign language class? Should it be made compulsory?
  5. Should fast foods be banned from school campus?
  6. Is the right to own a firearm justified?
  7. Is it ok if students listen to music on their earphone while in school but not attending any particular class?
  8. Why are people traveling in airplanes made to undergo intensive physical security check? Should it be continued or machines take up the place of human hands for people not comfortable with others touching them.
  9. Should teachers have to undergo tests like motorists after every 10 years to find out if they are still capable of their profession?
  10. Why are children who commit violent crimes tried as adults? Is it justified or they should be treated as juveniles? What should be the minimum age to declare an offender juvenile?
  11. Dogs that bite someone are put down. Do you agree to this practice? Is it always the animal’s fault?
  12. Like students the teachers at schools should also be made to wear uniforms. Do you agree or disagree?
  13. An elderly person above a certain age should receive free transportation in public transports. Do you agree or disagree to this notion?
  14. If students are not allowed to carry their smart phone inside class, should teachers be allowed?
  15. What should be the minimum age for a person to hold a job? Do you accept the age limit mentioned by your state’s laws?

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