List Of Cause And Effect Essay Topics On Bulimia: Great Suggestions

Bulimia is an eating disorder in which an individual eats lots of food in short span of time. On the other hand, they attempt to lose weight by employing laxative diuretics, excessive workouts and through vomiting. Athletes or celebrities usually belong to this category.

Following are some of the cause and effect essay topics on Bulimia-

  1. What is the chief cause of Bulimia? How it is adversely affecting the health of upcoming generation? To what extent the rules for Bulimia should be followed?
  2. How Anorexia is different from Bulimia? Why becoming slim has become the definition of a sexy and perfect figure for both the genders? What are its positive outcomes and negative repercussions?
  3. When Bulimia came into picture? When people realized that staying slim eliminates many severe diseases making them look attractive? How victims of Bulimia suffer? Write symptoms.
  4. How losing weight has turned into a serious and complex form of disorder? Why a teen of average weight considers her obese? How diuretics, excessive pills and laxatives have contributed highly towards Bulimia?
  5. How Bulimia and depression are correlated? Why some parts of the world are more severely affected by this eating disorder?
  6. What are some of the grave consequences of Bulimia? Why being fat is considered as worthless? How this thought process provokes some individuals to commit suicide?
  7. To what extent Bulimia has affected the various classes of society? What are the ratio among lower, middle and upper class? To what extent, Bulimia is right?
  8. Write some of the great personalities suffering from Bulimia disorders? How they have gained or lost reputation, physical fitness and emotional stability as a result of Bulimia.
  9. Why Bulimia is catching fire affecting the individuals of all age groups, classes, ethnic backgrounds and occupations?
  10. Why Bulimia is considered as a disease? Why the passion for Bulimia is high among the teenagers’ girls during high school?
  11. Why Bulimia is more difficult to detect as compared to Anorexia? Why conditions are becoming highly critical with progressing age around 40s.
  12. Why Bulimia is a life threatening disorder? What are its long term impacts and the deficiency symptoms? How this eating disorder starves an individual leading to death?
  13. Why some people consider Bulimia a deadly enemy? How this ongoing battle will deteriorate the quality of life.
  14. What is the role of media in Bulimia? How toothpick models have contributed hype in the society?
  15. Are antidepressant drugs doing enough for Bulimia patients? What would be their after-effects?

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