Who Can Provide Me With Effective Essay Help

We can! We have put together a list of tips that will help you score top marks on your next essay writing assignment. Regardless of what field of study you are involved in, and at what stage in your academic career, you need to build your essay writing skills. The sooner, the better!

Remember To Review The Basics:

Pretty much every effective essay consists of an introduction paragraph, supporting paragraphs in the body of the paper, and finishes with a strong concluding paragraph.

Your Introduction Paragraph

You want to start strong and grab your reader's attention as quickly as possible. The first few lines of your essay may be the most important you write. You will need to state the topic of the paper, and the thesis of the essay. If the essay is argumentative, be sure you take a strong stand right from the start.

Your Body Paragraphs

The paragraphs that follow will serve to support the statements that you made in your introduction. Each body paragraph should address one fact, piece of data or evidence at a time. Each body paragraph should include the following four components, in the following order. It can be helpful to remember them as “SEXI”:

  • S= Statement
  • E= Explanation
  • X= eXample
  • I = Importance

Your Conclusion

By the time your reader has reached the concluding paragraph of your essay, they should be satisfied that the evidence and facts that you provided proves your original thesis. You will want to restate the original claims that you made and the main points presented in your paper. In some essays, a call to action is appropriate. This emphasises the importance of the issues that you covered in your essay, or suggests that more research needs to be done in the area.

And Don't Forget...

The early bird gets the worm! Starting early on your assignment means that you will have more time to plan, review, and edit, later on down the road. It also cuts down on the stress that always rides shotgun with procrastination.

Take the time to draft an outline. It will act as a map for you to follow as you compose your essay. You will save time by staying on track, and being organized as you work.

Always leave time for a final proofread to check spelling, grammar and flow. This is always more effectively done with fresh eyes after a good night's sleep. Late night proofreads never end well!


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