Coming up with good topics for college essays

Writing a college essay is not much difficult if you know your direction. You need to know the subject well to be able to create a winning essay. The best way is to write about a subject that you are interested in doing. It could be a passion that you have or something that you thought of ever since you were young. If you choose to write upon such a thing, you will have more ideas and will not stop in the middle.

The other thing you could do for getting a good topic for your college essay is brainstorm. Brainstorming can trigger fresh and innovative ideas. It is more like an art. You need to sit at a calm place and start concentrating. Pen down whatever comes to your mind. Do not stop yourself and care about the logic. You can edit the ideas later when the brainstorming is over. One idea can trigger others, so you need to continue the process.

You can also look around at the internet to find good ideas for your college essay. You will find amazing things that are relevant to your subject. You can even find statistics and facts for your essay. This way you will be able to decide, whether you want to stay with a topic or not.

Here are a few topics that you might find interesting for your college essay. These are only for giving you an idea about the topic and its structure.

Topics for college essays

  1. Pop music has brought a change in mindsets of the people of the past three decades.
  2. An artist can lose his potentials if he does not receive the acknowledgement for his work or if he is discouraged to continue on his ideas.
  3. College fees should be reasonable so that everyone can take admission in college and pursue their careers.
  4. Academic life is better than professional life.
  5. Marriages fail when one person does not have the ability to respect other person’s opinion.
  6. Children need attention from both parents to have self-confidence and a well-built self-esteem.
  7. Divorce rates rise because of teen marriages and people who rush into a huge decision like marriage before considering the outcomes.
  8. Unemployment and crime rates have a direct relation.
  9. Michael Jackson led a life full of critique but he still managed to be a super star.

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