A List Of Ten Outstanding Personal Reflective Essay Writing Ideas

When you look into the mirror or a pool of still water, you see your reflection. However, when you introspect, you experience a deeper reflection; reminiscence of the past. Reflective essays give gravity to that precept.

General tendency

Reflective essays generally tend towards academic pursuits and achievements. It may be an insinuation at a habit you instilled; it may show a greater leap you took as a student, it may be how you were helped by a senior through an excruciating time; it may be how you won over your indecision. The engine keeps changing as the train runs.

Here are the salient features of a reflective essay –

  • Narrative script – Since it is your reflection, the essay is written in first person. It should be personable and straightaway connect with the reader. The emphatic points should be drawn with a finesse which suits readers.

  • Clarification essential – You should be clear about how you averted a roadblock or how you ingratiated a particular technique in your system. You should not take the reader’s IQ for granted. A reflective essay should be definitive and self-sustaining.

  • Facts and figures – Your work should ideally be replete with facts and figures so that readers can easily draw comparisons and lines. You should anyway choose a topic which a multitude can easily identify with. Although the piece is generally opinionated, facts have their own way of expression.

  • A case of difference – It is preferable to denote one or two instances where you either went against the clock or stemmed the tide in a way. This will provide the reader with a critical juncture and he will realize where he will need to switch gears or rotate the cylinders.

  • Offer solutions – Through your piece, make an endeavor towards deliverance. You should offer realistic solutions to the reader through your piece.

Here are 10 captivating reflective essay topics for your purview –

  1. How I managed my dissertation within the time frame
  2. How extra-curricular activities made me a better student
  3. How education technology changed my perspective about studies
  4. How my science teacher metamorphosed my mindset
  5. How I turned from a truant to an attentive student in class
  6. How I became the University topper
  7. How I won over my stage fright
  8. How I became more convenient while holding myself in the crowd
  9. How cultural programs in college opened a new Diaspora for me
  10. How I challenged and became a master of Integral Calculus

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