Great Ideas You Can Use In Your Essay About Friendship

Friendship is one of the most common essays that are written in many different classes. The problem with this type of essay is that it is written quite often and sometimes difficult to find something interesting to talk about. Here are some great ideas you can use in your essay about friendship:

  • Tell what you think is most important about friendship. This can mean different things for different people and you can make it very personal.
  • Include some of the most fun you had with your best friend. Many people find this information interesting and it can give them some ideas of what to do with their friends. It is possible that some people haven’t had the opportunity to make great friends and this may spur them on to try and find some.
  • Try to explain how difficult it is to have arguments with your good friends because of the strong emotion associated with great friends. Because you have a lot of emotion invested in your friends leads you to also hurt much more when you have disagreements. It has been said that there isn’t much of a difference between love and hate.
  • Tell how good friends have made your life better. This is a great essay to write because you can help others by explaining just how much they can enhance your life.
  • Explain what important events in your life that have been shared by your good friends. You can talk about a wedding or class trip that you went on with friends. Tell how it was made better because you had someone great to share it with.
  • Talk about some trouble you got into with your best friends. You can talk about some pranks that you pulled together or some harmless trouble you created because you were together.
  • Tell the crazy things you and your friends used to do that no one else could understand but you. Many times the best of friends create secret languages that only they can relate to.
  • Tell how your best friend helped you through a difficult time in your life. Sometimes you can make it through life’s hardest times with the help and comfort of great friends.

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