How To Get 8th Grade Expository Essay Samples On Poverty

Large portion of total world is becoming poorer. It is not only poor who is responsible for his poverty but the affiliated government and higher authorities of that local region is also responsible. Poverty is a kind of monster that is growing very briskly. Poor people have always been exploited since the beginning.

Above was a small introduction of poverty. Now let us discuss in detail. Before moving on details, you must know how to write an expository essay. It moves around a certain aspect or explain and define a phase or characteristic with the help of valuable information. If you cannot compose a paper on it, then you must seek help from the following options

  1. Guide papers
  2. Internet
  3. Sample papers
  4. Sample essays
  5. Past papers
  6. Text books
  7. Books other than text and syllabus
  8. A tutor
  9. A senior
  10. A friend or a class mate
  11. Your class teacher
  12. Visit to a library
  13. Official site of your school
  14. A freelance writer
  15. An online writing agency
  16. A traditional writing agency

Look for all of the above mentioned options, if you still cannot manage to write a paper on this topic, then below is an introduction that will help you in starting your paper.

What is the definition of being poor?

Does a lack of wealth mean being poor? If the country is in serious debt crises is called poor? Can we consider third-world countries or developing countries as poor and all other developed countries are considered as rich?

A strong economy does not mean that you are enjoying a wealthy country. When a majority of a country is lacking basic necessities, such as food, shelter, freedom and education, then it is considered as poor. If you are not enjoying a decent life with all basic elements and you are struggling to survive, then you are considered as poor. A large portion of world is facing this major issue and only a small portion is concerned.

Who is responsible then? How can we eradicate poverty? What steps can we take to eliminate this disease that is causing disasters and affecting millions of children’s lives? It is not an issue that has just born. We, humans have been becoming its victim since our beginning. Why have not we overcome this issue, since we have been dealing it for centuries?


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