War Has Beauty

In most cases, war is considered as an ugly activity. This is because, in war more damages are caused, losses incurred and in other incidences life is lost. Just as any other event, two possibilities are always predictable. In war, we may have both positive and negative consequences although negative effects of war overweigh the positive impacts. In this paper, I am going to focus on the ugly part of war and also the positive part of war.

When there is an outbreak of war in a certain region for in stance a country, citizens in that country may end up suffering in many ways. The immediate effect likely to occur is the internal displacement of countrymen. Some end up being refugees in their own country or if lucky enough others fly to their neighboring countries.

War can make a country’s economic growth perish. This comes out as a result of reduced production of goods and services by industries in that country. Foreign investors tend to pull back or look for an alternative country where they can safely invest in. there is no even a single day people could do their investment in a place full of war. In many places where wars have been experienced even for a short period of time, death cases have been reported too. Death may come as a result massive killings during the war or death due to suffering experienced due to lack of food, water, healthy services and so on and so forth. This makes service delivery poor and thus punishing innocent victims.

Apart from these negative aspects of war, there are other major positive impacts of war. It is through war that most people get peace. In history, during the World War I $ II, it was peace that countries were fighting for. Discriminations experienced from colonies actually came to an end because war was started. The colonies were sent away back to their original homeland leaving the colonized countries with peace.

In conclusion, although war which is rated as an ugly activity among other ugly aspects such as hate, fear and cruelty, it has some beauty in it. Some people confidently say that there is no peace without war. Therefore, peace is the silver lining war.


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