Family Law

The family law involves case precedents and statutes which govern the legitimate responsibilities among individuals who have domestic links. Lin other words, these are legal responsibilities which govern parties which have blood or marriage connection. However, due to the nature of most family cases, most families are strongly advised to consider legal counsel in case of family issues.

Cause of Family Cases

Most of the family cases are as a result of marriage divorce or termination of romantic relationship. Most family law attorneys are provided with the responsibility of assisting their clients file child custody, support, visitation, alimony and divorce cases. For spouses who have been in marriage for short period may seek an annulment. However, the most common cases in family law involve the division of the property after marriage divorce.

Family law helps in the prevention emotional and physical abuse. The likelihood of occurrence of the domestic violence is not limited to either former or current spouses or even their children, and therefore, judges in family law should not hesitate in asserting jurisdiction to protect either of them. In case of abuse allegations, a restraining order can be issued by the court to prevent any further abusive instances.

Most people believe that through hiring a skilled and experienced attorney in a contested family law case will enable someone receive jurisdiction and some important legal rights before the court of law. In fact, skilled attorney can identify some resources the other party is unwilling to give out, present advices on child support and take the case to court for trials if preliminary talks fail. An attorney representation is thus very important in uncontested cases.

Parental Rights and Obligations

The child custody issue is an often family dispute in court. As expected, most parents are much concerned with the education, safety and general wellbeing of their offspring. Break-up or divorce makes the custody decision become more challenging since each party tends to be distrustful to the other party. Nevertheless, the custody decision by the family court judges in based on the child’s best interest.

In order to serve the interest of the child best, in most cases, the court assigns the physical and legal custody of the child to one parent. Nevertheless, the child is free to spend holidays, weekends and summers with either of the parent. However, both parents have a legal responsibility to provide child’s support financially. This ensures the child’s life is not disrupted by unnecessary issues.


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