Choosing Impressive Essay Topics On Environmental Pollution

Whether you are studying environmental studies, geography, or range of other subjects, you may need to write an essay based on the topic of environmental pollution. If you need to think of a good title to use or topic to write about then the following may assist you in narrowing down your search.

Choosing an essay style to write about

Firstly, you need to consider what type of essay you want to write about. For example, you may write an argumentative essay that intends to persuade the reader about a certain viewpoint on an environmental issue. Alternatively, you may write an informative article which gives factual details about environmental an environmental issue. In fact, there are numerous different styles of academic paper you to choose from, with the style that you choose having an impact upon the titles that you may select.

Gathering evidence and data from reputable sources

In order to enhance the quality of your essay, it is a good idea to try and gather as much evidence and data as possible. In order to ensure that any evidence and data that you use is able to back up any claims that you make, it is important that it is gathered from reputable and verifiable sources.

Selecting ideas to write about based on other people’s ideas

For further inspiration, you may decide to look at prewritten papers that have been published online, in order to get an idea about what other people have written about. Alternatively, you may find one of the topics listed below to be particularly appealing, and you can even adjust the title slightly to fit your needs.

  • Do airlines pay enough in taxes to make up for the damage caused by air travel?
  • How environmentally friendly are hybrid cars?
  • A case study of a nearby river, lake or other body of water
  • How the seas and oceans have become the world’s dumping ground
  • What effect did the Japanese tsunami have on polluting the sea, particularly in relation to the damaged nuclear power plant?
  • A case study of the Chernobyl disaster
  • How safe is nuclear energy?
  • What effect has global warming had on the polar ice caps?
  • How has environmental pollution increased in recent years in and around China, since the countries rapid economic development?
  • Should the organisers of major sporting events do more to ensure preparations and the subsequent event are as environmentally friendly as possible?

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